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Note: Prices below are only a guide and are subject to changw


  • Melbourne Airport
  • Pakenham
  • Yarram
  • Traralgon
  • Sale
  • Sydney Airport
ModelSeatsPriceKMExcess KMExcess ReductionExcess With Reduction
KIA Carnival8 Seat$131.30UnlimitedN/A$30$1000
Troop Carrier10 Seat$1401000.33 cents$30$1000
Mini Bus12 Seat$1801000.33 cents$30$1000
Toyota21 Seat$2601000.33 cents$30$1000
Mitsubishi25 Seat$3121000.33 cents$30$1000

Coles Coaches


8 SeaterPer/Km
12/14 SeaterPer/Km
21/25 SeaterPer/Km

Portarlington Beach Motel


11 Seater
24 Seater

Christians Bus Co

Ocean Grove

Toyota Mini Bus12/14 Seater
Toyota Coaster22 Seater
Mitsubishi Rosa25 Seater

Trotters Coaches

Delacombe (Ballarat)

13 Seater
22 Seater


Heidelberg Heights

12 Seater

Allens Mini Bus Rentals


Toyota Van7 SeatUnlimited$3000
Mercedes Vito Van8 SeatUnlimited$3000
Toyota Hiace12 SeatUnlimited$3000
Mercedes Benz12 SeatUnlimited$3000
Toyota Hiace14 SeatUnlimited$3000
Toyota Coaster17 SeatUnlimited$3000
Toyota Coaster22 SeatUnlimited$3000
Mitsubishi Rosa25 SeatUnlimited$3000
Hino28 SeatUnlimited$3000
Isuzu56 SeatUnlimited$3000

East Coast Car Rentals

Tullamarine- Office Hours 7am - 10pm Every day

VehicleSeatsCostKmsExcess KmsStandard ExcessExcess ReductionExcess With Reduction
Hyundai Imax8 Seat$82.75UnlimitedN/A$3500$24$1000
Toyota Commuter12 Seat$116200km0.22 cents$5000$24$1000

Melbourne City - 8am to 5pm Every day

VehicleSeatsCostKmsStandard ExcessExcess ReductionExcess With Reduction
Hyundai Imax8 Seat$80.25Unlimited$3500$24$1000

Van & Ute Hire


Kia Carnival8 Seat$121100$2750
Toyota Commuter12 Seat$165100$2750

Organs Coaches


SeatsCostKms IncludedExcess KmsExcess
12 Seater$1651000.275 Km$1500
14 Seater$1651000.275 Km$1500
25 Seater$2091000.275 Km$1500


LocationSeatsCostsKms IncludedExcess Kms
Airport West12 Seat$1392000.25 Km
Airport West25 Seat$2902000.25 Km
Ballarat (Wendouree)12 Seat$153.772000.25 Km
Bayswater12 Seat$150.852000.25 Km
Bayswater25 Seat$246.492000.25 Km
Blackburn12 Seat$138.332000.25 Km
Brighton12 Seat$1392000.25 Km
Brighton25 Seat$2902000.25 Km
Footscray (Brooklyn)12 Seat$153.172000.25 Km
Camberwell12 Seat$1392000.25 Km
Camberwell25 Seat$2902000.25 Km
Camberwell25 Seat$2902000.25 Km
Dandenong12 Seat$159.962000.25 Km
Dandenong25 Seat$255.602000.25 Km
Bacchus Marsh12 Seat$153.772000.25 Km
Bentleigh12 Seat$1392000.25 Km
Bentleigh12 Seat$1392000.25 Km
Melbourne Airport12 Seat$193.141000.25 Km
Richmond12 Seat$1392000.25 Km
Richmond25 Seat$2902000.25 Km
South Melbourne12 Seat$147.352000.25 Km
Preston12 Seat$150.852000.25 Km
Preston25 Seat$235.102000.25 Km
Caroline Springs12 Seat$153.772000.25 Km
Rosebud12 Seat$178.192000.25 Km
Rosebud25 Seat$255.602000.25 Km


Airport West12 Seat$154.992000.30 Km
Airport West25 Seat$254.992000.30 Km
Altona North12 Seat$154.992000.30 Km
Altona North25 Seat$254.992000.30 Km
Bairnsdale12 Seat$1992000.27 Km
Bayswater12 Seat$168.952000.32Km
Bayswater22 Seat$251.992000.32 Km
Bentleigh12 Seat$154.992000.32 Km
Blakburn12 Seat$168.952000.27 Km
Blakburn12 Seat$154.992000.25 Km
Brighton12 Seat$254.992000.25 Km
Bulleen12 Seat$168.952000.27 Km
Bundoora12 Seat$168.952000.27 Km
Bundoora22 Seat$251.992000.27 Km
Camberwell12 Seat$154.992000.25 Km
Campbellfield12 Seat$168.952000.27 Km
Campbellfield22 Seat$251.992000.27 Km
Clayton12 Seat$168.952000.27 Km
Clayton22 Seat$251.992000.27 Km
Croydon12 Seat$168.952000.27 Km
Croydon22 Seat$251.992000.27 Km
Dandenong12 Seat$1692000.33 Km
Dandenong22 Seat$2592000.33 Km
Epsom (Bendigo)12 Seat$153.772000.25 Km
Essendon Airport12 Seat$154.992000.25 Km
Footscray12 Seat$154.992000.25 Km
Franskston12 Seat$1692000.27 Km
Geelong12 SeatTBA200TBA
Highett12 Seat$168.952000.27 Km
Hoppers Crossing12 SeatTBA200TBA
Mildura12 Seat$998.041000.25
Mornington12 Seat$1692000.27
Pakenham12 Seat$1692000.27
Preston12 Seat$168.952000.27
Richmond12 Seat$154.952000.25
Richmond25 Seat$254.992000.30
Sale12 Seat$1692000.27 km
Shepparton12 SeatTBATBATBA
Southbank12 Seat$154.992000.25 Km
Sunshine12 Seat$154.992000.25 Km
Sunshine25 Seat$254.992000.30 Km
Traralgon12 Seat$1692000.27 Km
Warragul12 Seat$1692000.27 Km
Wendouree12 Seat$153.772000.25 Km



Car Next Door 8+ Seats

LocationYearVehicleSeatsPer HourPer DayPer Km
South Melbourne2003Toyota Tarago8$6.88$32.880.33 Km
Balwyn North2007Toyota Estima V68$10$350.45 Km
North Melbourne2012KIA Carnival8$9.40$490.45 Km
Fitzroy North2010Hyundai IMAX8$12$490.33 Km
Tottenham2010Hyundai IMAX8$15$540.33 Km
Caulfield2014Hyundai Imax8$9$550.45 Km
Flemington2014Hyundai iMax8$12$550.33 Km
Balaclava2011Kia Carnival8$12$600.45 Km
Melbourne2013KIA Carnival8$14$690.33 Km
Richmond2006Nissan Elgrand X8$15$700.33 Km
Thomastown2013Nissan Elgrand X8$20$1000.33 Km
Lynbrook2013Hyundai iMax8$18$1500.45 Km
Box Hill North2009Nissan Elgrand X8$30$1500.33 Km
Wheelers Hill2013LDV G109$17$690.45 Km
Glenroy2007Toyota Hiace12$20$1000.33 Km
Melbourne2012Toyota Hiace12$20$1000.45 Km
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